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‘Mobile Cloud Computing’

Student team develops mobile app for Legal Aid

Feb. 21, 2017—Written by Vanderbilt University junior Economics major Sasha Pines The introduction of project-based University Courses at The Wond’ry will completely revolutionize the way we learn at Vanderbilt, as experiential learning is simply the best model for job training. Technology projects are inherently interdisciplinary, requiring clear communication and organized initiative. Students are granted the opportunity to...

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Schmidt, White, peers across Vanderbilt teach mobile cloud computing to diverse majors

Nov. 4, 2016—Thanks to the Cross-College Teaching Initiative that began this semester, Douglas C. Schmidt, professor of computer science and computer engineering, and Jules White, assistant professor of computer science, launched the University Course Tackling Big Questions with Mobile Cloud Computing. An integral part of Vanderbilt’s Academic Strategic Plan, University Courses count for credit and invite professors, mentors,...

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School of Engineering offers three new graduate certificate programs

May. 3, 2016—The School of Engineering is offering three new certificate programs available to enrolled Vanderbilt graduate students. Two graduate certificate programs – Mobile Cloud Computing and Surgery and Interventional Engineering – will be offered starting in the fall semester 2016. A graduate certificate program in Technology Entrepreneurship will be offered starting in summer 2017. Each program...

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