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‘molecular simulation’

Molecular Physics honors Peter Cummings as a ‘scientific force’ over four decades

Jan. 17, 2020—While others may have opened somewhat traditional gifts during the 2019 holiday season, Peter Cummings received an extraordinary one:  A singular issue of Molecular Physics, Volume 117, numbers 23-24, honoring him on his 65th birthday and recognizing him as “a constantly innovating scientific force” in molecular theory and molecular simulation for more than four decades....

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Eminent molecular theorist Clare McCabe named AAAS Fellow

Nov. 26, 2019—Clare McCabe, Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Engineering, has been named a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science for sustained excellence and novel contributions to molecular theory and simulation and for distinguished service to the field of chemical engineering. In research, McCabe is one of the most visible members of the molecular...

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Research dean to teach molecular simulations ‘crash course’ to grad students in Beijing

Jun. 19, 2018—In a one-week intensive course in June, engineering’s associate dean for research will teach molecular simulations to 44 graduate students in Beijing. “I’m presenting a crash course for chemical engineering students on how to perform simulations of materials from the molecule up,” said Peter Cummings, also the John R. Hall Professor of Engineering. Cummings is...

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