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‘multi-scale modeling’

Duddu awarded NSF CAREER grant to better understand Antarctic ice sheet fracture

Apr. 1, 2019—Improved models of iceberg calving will reduce uncertainty in sea level rise projections An assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering has been awarded a $555,000 NSF CAREER grant to analyze Antarctic ice sheet fracture, improve models for ice mass loss and reduce uncertainty in long-term projections of average sea level rise. “There is concern...

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Simulating success in aerospace and automotive manufacturing

Mar. 31, 2015—The use of high-performance carbon fibers in the past 50 years has revolutionized product design and manufacturing – from airplanes and automobiles to golf clubs and skateboards. However, the barrier to expanding applications for the stalwart carbon composites and the advanced composite materials being developed now is an ‘outdated and overly conservative building-block approach’ to...

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