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Vanderbilt E-Week promotes engineering for the fun of it

Mar. 2, 2015—No, the Nanoblimp aerial dogfights didn’t impress at Vanderbilt Engineering Week, but they did lead to an important discovery when a blimp disappeared into the HVAC system. Put too much weight on a Nanoblimp, and it falls to the floor. Too little, and $60 flies into a vent in Featheringill Atrium’s third-floor ceiling. But that’s...

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Arduino programming, nano blimps mark Feb. 23-27 E-Week schedule

Feb. 23, 2015—Engineering students at Vanderbilt University are showcasing their ingenuity through a series of fun and challenging competitions and events during Vanderbilt Engineers Week, going on now. In addition to spotlighting the engineering profession, the competitions and activities are designed to interest students in engineering and scientific fields. All activities will be held in the Featheringill...

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