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‘Nature Nanotechnology’

Vanderbilt electrical engineering professor publishes paper on merging metasurfaces with microfluidics

Oct. 11, 2022—Nature Nanotechnology, a journal that showcases the best research in nanoscience and nanotechnology, recently published another paper by Vanderbilt University’s Justus C. Ndukaife, assistant professor of electrical engineering, on merging metasurfaces with microfluidics. Ndukaife, who heads the Laboratory for Innovation in Optofluidics and Nanophotonics (LION) at Vanderbilt, said the practice highlighted in the journal provides...

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Engineers’ groundbreaking discovery points to a new route to create thermal superconductors

Apr. 16, 2021—The relentless increase in heat loads imposed on devices in modern technologies is driving renewed interest among engineers and materials scientists in the area of heat transfer. A key challenge is finding approaches to enhance the materials’ capability of conducting heat. A team of engineers led by Vanderbilt mechanical engineering Professor Deyu Li and his...

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Engineering professor Ndukaife wins award in Rising Stars of Light global competition

Nov. 30, 2020—Justus Ndukaife, assistant professor of electrical engineering, spent 20 minutes describing his optical nanotweezers to a panel of five distinguished professors from the United States, Australia, and China during a live online competition—Rising Stars of Light—that has drawn 260,000 viewers worldwide. After two sessions in which 10 finalists presented their research in a global campaign...

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Nanoparticle targets tumor-infiltrating immune cells, flips switch telling them to fight

Jan. 21, 2019—New research builds on Nobel-winning immune checkpoint blockade work Immunotherapy’s promise in the fight against cancer drew international attention after two scientists won a Nobel Prize this year for unleashing the ability of the immune system to eliminate tumor cells. But their approach, which keeps cancer cells from shutting off the immune system’s powerful T-cells...

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New method for enhancing thermal conductivity could cool computer chips, lasers and other devices

Dec. 14, 2011—    The surprising discovery of a new way to tune and enhance thermal conductivity – a basic property generally considered to be fixed for a given material – gives engineers a new tool for managing thermal effects in smart phones and computers, lasers and a number of other powered devices. The finding was made...

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