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NROTC’s Lassen balances military training, challenging mechanical engineering major

Feb. 17, 2016—Renee Lassen’s mechanical engineering major demands that she spend hours a day at computers, designing systems and writing code to make those work. But to keep her jam-packed schedule in order, she swears by something positively quaint – a thick, pink paisley day-planner, its pages crammed with her neat, tiny writing. As an engineering third-year...

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Engineering, NROTC provide Vanderbilt undergrad challenging ways to serve

Dec. 9, 2014—It’s just a typical Wednesday, but mechanical engineering senior and Naval ROTC Midshipman William Bearden arrives for an interview in a pressed suit, red tie and black patent leather shoes polished to a mirror shine. If you ever see him wearing jeans, he jokes, the day is not going well. If he’s in jogging pants,...

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