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‘neurocognitive research’

AI that thinks like people with autism will benefit software and learning tools

Sep. 6, 2017—A computer on the third floor of Vanderbilt’s Featheringill Hall scans geometric patterns, deciding which missing shapes would most likely fit in. It fills in those blanks about as well as a human 17-year-old would, and it’s getting smarter, thanks to a study of the way certain people on the autism spectrum see the world....

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Graduate’s path to traumatic brain injury research was littered with roadside bombs

May. 3, 2013—U.S. Army Capt. David M. Barry has found himself at the forefront of cutting-edge research for improving methods for assessing and treating traumatic brain injury [TBI], delivering research findings that contain both professional and personal components at symposiums and forums. The distinguished engineering graduate (summa cum laude, Engineering Science)  from Vanderbilt’s Army ROTC program in...

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