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Engineering dean announces creation of Biophotonics Center at Vanderbilt

Feb. 6, 2015—School of Engineering Dean Philippe Fauchet has announced the establishment of The Biophotonics Center at Vanderbilt. The newest research center in the school “will regroup not only the faculty members who focus on biomedical applications inside and outside engineering, but also those faculty members whose main research activities include other subfields of photonics,” Fauchet said....

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New initiative to develop a system that controls prosthetic limbs naturally

Nov. 18, 2010—Using beams of light to allow amputees not only to control but also to feel the movement of prosthetic limbs is the ambitious goal of a new $5.6 million Department of Defense initiative. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is tapping the new and rapidly growing field of “neurophotonics” to overcome one the biggest technical...

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