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‘nuclear engineering’

Alert system for failing nuclear plant pipes uses thin films and sound vibrations

Oct. 24, 2019—A failing pipe can be tough to spot. It may cause a puddle, produce another sign of damage, or simply burst before detection. A flooded kitchen or laundry room is messy and inconvenient, but the stakes are much, much higher in nuclear power plants – which on average contain many miles of pipeline. As concern...

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Grad student wins first place in DOE nuclear R&D competition

Jun. 8, 2018—Brandon Chisholm, a doctoral student in environmental engineering, has received a first place prize in the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2018 Innovations in Nuclear Technology Research and Development competition. Chisholm’s award is in the energy policy category, and his award-winning research paper, “Preliminary Risk Assessment of a Generalized Molten Salt Reactor Off-Gas System,” was presented...

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