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‘nuclear power’

Electric Power Research Institute wraps up fourth annual workshop at Vanderbilt

Jul. 22, 2015—Thirty government, academic and industry experts in nuclear fuel cycle technology just wrapped up the fourth annual EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) Nuclear Fuel Cycle Assessment Workshop, held Tuesday and Wednesday at Vanderbilt University. The event focused on decision-making about nuclear reactors based on design, cost and other factors. School of Engineering faculty, staff and...

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NEE students gain hands-on experience at plants, national recognition for work

Nov. 18, 2014—Across the country, schools of engineering devote their researchers to building a better nuclear power plant. Vanderbilt University’s engineers specialize in making existing plants more environmentally friendly and in what happens after those plants have outlived their usefulness. It’s a niche role becoming more crucial as the nation addresses an aging but vital nuclear power...

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Vanderbilt team examines human factors in nuclear power plant operations

Nov. 10, 2014—The team studying ways to help nuclear power plant operators improve work performance and safety includes, from left, Julie Adams, Ph.D., Shilo Anders, Ph.D., Sankaran Mahadevan, Ph.D., and Matthew Weinger, M.D. Not pictured is Dan France, Ph.D., MPH. (photo by Anne Rayner) A multidisciplinary Vanderbilt team with deep experience in improving patient safety and technology...

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Researchers at Vanderbilt exploring safety of nuclear power plant concrete

Nov. 5, 2014—Researchers who want to ensure America’s nuclear power plants are safe for another generation are meeting at Vanderbilt University today and Thursday, focusing their attention on the aging concrete that encases reactors. The nation’s 100 nuclear power reactors represent a $600 billion investment and provide 65 percent of America’s non-carbon-emitting power, said Bruce Hallbert, director...

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Nuclear energy powered by uranium from the sea could promote peace in coming century

Dec. 18, 2009—One of the best things the world can do to promote peace and stability in the coming century is to expand commercial nuclear power based on the extraction of uranium from the ocean. That is the proposition which Frank Parker, an internationally recognized expert in remediation of radioactively contaminated soil and water and a member...

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