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‘Paul Harris’

Harris, Young elected as new AIMBE fellows

Mar. 30, 2023—Two Vanderbilt engineering faculty members have been elected to the 2023 College of Fellows of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE). They are: Paul Harris, PhD, professor of Biomedical Informatics, Biomedical Engineering and Biostatistics, was selected for “pioneering contributions in biomedical data collection, standardization and cloud-based systems that support machine learning.” Jamey...

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U.S. precision medicine research program releases genomic data

Mar. 22, 2022—by Paul Govern Earlier this month the All of Us Research Program released an initial large batch of genomic data on its cloud-based research platform, the Researcher Workbench, including whole genome sequences of 98,600 research participants and genotype data from 165,200 participants. “Thanks to its many research participants from all 50 states, All of Us...

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REDCap data management tool reaches million user mark

Aug. 22, 2019—Developed in 2004 by BME research professor Paul Harris Fifteen years after it was launched, REDCap, Vanderbilt University’s research data management tool, has reached 1 million users throughout the world. REDCap, or Research Electronic Data Capture, is a web-based platform originally devised by Paul Harris,  professor of biomedical engineering, biomedical informatics and biostatistics. To date,...

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Research shows patient privacy, ‘big data’ can coexist

Jan. 29, 2016—  A Vanderbilt study shows that anonymization algorithms can provide privacy protection across multiple institutions as clinical data are released for research. (photo by Susan Urmy) A new study, led by investigators at Vanderbilt University, confirms that the scientific pursuit of so-called big data from hospitals and clinics needn’t conflict with patient privacy. As electronic medical...

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New computer speeds clinical data collection

Apr. 26, 2013—Tucked in a data center in the basement of Vanderbilt University Hospital, a new computer the size of a large armoire, called a data warehouse appliance, is delivering a new order of speed to Vanderbilt clinical scientists as they search, filter, analyze and annotate the de-identified medical records of approximately 2 million patients. That’s how...

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