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Researchers test and validate platform for potential PPE tracking across U.S. hospitals

Feb. 25, 2022—A multidisciplinary team that includes a Vanderbilt computer science professor has established the foundation for an automated, up-to-date assessment of personal protective equipment across U.S. hospitals—work that got its start before the COVID-19 pandemic but took on greater urgency. Significantly, the team developed a secure, third-party system to operate independent of federal and state governments...

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Alumnus-founded GreenLight Medical expands to answer COVID-related needs

Nov. 30, 2020—As the COVID-19 crisis hit, businesses around the world pushed pause. GreenLight Medical CEO Austin Dirks saw things differently. “If we could double down and get aggressive, this could be an opportunity,” he says. “As medical supplies became scarce, we could connect the dots—linking hospitals and health care systems with suppliers.” GreenLight bills itself as...

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Collaborative project from VU and VUMC improves intubation box safety for COVID-19 caregivers

May. 12, 2020—As hospital and health care staff across the country continue learning more about the transmission and spread of COVID-19, caregivers for coronavirus patients continue adapting to the changing needs and best practices for personal protective equipment (PPE). Now, a new collaborative project from clinicians at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and the Vanderbilt Institute for Surgery...

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Biophotonics researchers 3D print masks that accommodate filter changing

Apr. 14, 2020—Two 3D printers at the Vanderbilt Biophotonics Center are running around-the-clock, printing protective masks rather than their usual task—prototyping components for custom optical instruments that can cost millions of dollars. Researchers program the printers from the Vanderbilt-networked laptops they have at home. Bryan Millis, a research assistant professor in the biophotonics center, collects the printed...

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Engineering alum leads DENSO’s effort to donate face shields to Tennessee hospitals

Apr. 13, 2020—In mid-March, as automakers across the world slowed production of vehicles due to the coronavirus crisis, Britt Autry, BE’92, and other executives at DENSO Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc., in Maryville came together to chart a course for their employees and their plant operations. “Through that discussion, we started to think about what social contribution we could...

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