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GM engineer: Today’s crash test dummies cost up to $500K, saving more lives

Nov. 10, 2015—Today’s undergraduates were in preschool during the “You Could Learn a Lot from a Dummy” series of PSAs encouraging seatbelt use, but the ads were memorable for their parents. Crash test dummies Vince and Larry comically flew out windows, collected traffic citations and found themselves in pieces – all the while spouting quips and puns...

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Mahadevan receives 2012 best paper award from military research journal

Jul. 18, 2012—Sankaran Mahadevan, John R. Murray Professor of Engineering, has received a 2012 best paper award from the Military Operations Research Journal, a publication of the Military Operations Research Society, for the 2011 submission, “A System of Systems Approach for Effects-Based Operational Planning Under Uncertainty.” Additional authors are Mark P. McDonald, adjunct professor of civil and...

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Vanderbilt Engineering to lead FAA helicopter reliability project

Nov. 1, 2006—All it took to rip the roof off Aloha Airlines Flight 243 in 1988 was the gradual corrosion around rivet holes that had, over time, created tiny cracks in the Boeing 737’s fuselage that suddenly combined with fatal results. That incident, which caused one death, 65 injuries and a traumatic open-air ride in an airplane...

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