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‘Rick Haselton’

Streamlined diagnostic approach to COVID-19 can avoid potential testing logjam

Jul. 30, 2020—Following years of work developing diagnostics for infectious diseases including malaria, tuberculosis, dengue, chikungunya and zika, Nicholas Adams and Mindy Leelawong, both research assistant professors in the biomedical engineering laboratory headed by Rick Haselton, have developed a streamlined diagnostic approach for COVID-19 that renders RNA extraction – a bottleneck in the diagnostic process – unnecessary....

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Engineers lead 6 of 10 ‘cool inventions’ of 2014: CTTC

Jan. 16, 2015—A Vanderbilt engineering professor is a lead or co-inventor of six of the 10 “cool inventions” in 2014 highlighted by the university’s Center for Technology Transfer and Commercialization in this video. The CTTC selected 10 from last year’s 200 inventions that have “the potential to profoundly impact lives around the globe.” The six inventions are:...

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Coffee-ring diagnostic offers hope in poorest regions

Oct. 24, 2014—The ring that an evaporating drop of coffee leaves on the counter might be the solution to saving hundreds of thousands of lives. Research accelerating at Vanderbilt offers new hope in diagnostics for malaria and other diseases. The interdisciplinary team is led by Professor of Biomedical Engineering Rick Haselton, Stevenson Professor of Chemistry David Wright,...

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Vanderbilt researchers receive Grand Challenges grant to help provide low-cost medical diagnostics suitable for use in rural clinics

Dec. 20, 2011—They call it “The Extractionator.”  The prototype looks like nothing more than a length of clear plastic tubing until you inspect it closely. But it could be the basis of an easy-to-use and low-cost sample collection and preparation system that will help bring the benefits of medical diagnostic testing to the people who live in...

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$100K Gates Foundation grant supports innovative global health project

Oct. 21, 2009—Vanderbilt University announced Oct. 21 that it has received a $100,000 Grand Challenges Explorations grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The grant will support an innovative global health research project conducted by Associate Professor of Chemistry David Wright and Professor of Biomedical Engineering Rick Haselton, titled “Coffee Ring Stain Diagnostics for Malaria.” Their...

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