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‘Robert Labadie’

Engineering doctoral students experience paradigm-shifting clinical training in surgery and intervention

Aug. 27, 2021—Trainees gain big picture knowledge plus work closely with surgeons The results are in: Five cohorts of Vanderbilt engineering doctoral students have experienced ‘paradigm-shifting training’ in surgery and intervention. Preliminary reports from a five-year program of intensive training, supported by a nearly $1 million National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering grant, show strong evidence...

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VISE researchers receive $3.1M grant for customizable cochlear implant programming

Jun. 26, 2020—By Michelle Bukowski A team of Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center researchers has received a $3.1 million NIH grant to develop advanced patient-specific cochlear implant stimulation models for customized implant programming. Traditional cochlear implant programming is done by expert audiologists using a guess-and-check approach based on subjective patient feedback regarding sound quality as...

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Engineering student makes face shields to help boost dwindling supply during coronavirus crisis

Mar. 26, 2020—When Vanderbilt University Medical Center resident Ashley Nassiri asked Katy Riojas how to get the School of Engineering involved in the coronavirus crisis, Riojas had an idea. “Vanderbilt is unique in that engineering faculty and students and clinicians are very intertwined and there’s a lot of feedback in both directions, which makes innovation really fun,”...

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High Fidelity: Cochlear implant users report dramatically better hearing with new Vanderbilt process

Mar. 8, 2013—Imagine suddenly being able to hear the words and tone of the person across the table from you in a crowded restaurant when once you only heard overwhelming noise. Or speaking on the telephone with confidence because what you hear is now crisp and clear. Longtime cochlear implant users are reporting such dramatic improvements in...

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Engineers work on technique to improve cochlear implantation process

Jun. 30, 2009—A new technique currently in testing at Vanderbilt could make cochlear implantation faster, safer and less invasive. If proven effective, the new technique could reduce surgery times from about two hours to as little as 20 minutes If proven effective, the new technique could reduce surgery times from about two hours to as little as...

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