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‘robot swarms’

Tiny flying robots form teams, cooperate—Engineering’s Hall Lecture Oct. 12

Sep. 16, 2015—Vijay Kumar and his students at the University of Pennsylvania build small, agile flying robots that swarm, sense each other, and form ad hoc teams that could be used for search and rescue in large-scale disasters. Kumar, recognized around the world for his groundbreaking work on the development of autonomous robots and on biologically-inspired algorithms...

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Computer science Ph.D. breaks decades-old coding problem for coalition formation

Jun. 22, 2015—A newly minted Vanderbilt University computer science Ph.D. combined characteristics of ant colonies and superheated metals to break a decades-old coding problem. Sayan Sen’s results have potential applications in a field that is grabbing the tech world’s attention: swarm robotics, or the idea that large numbers of robots can work together to complete tasks. Sen’s...

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