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Vanderbilt team wins $1M in DARPA spectrum challenge finale

Oct. 29, 2019—  In a final five-minute flurry, MarmotE watched its lead slip. At the buzzer, the team placed second and won $1 million in the DARPA Spectrum Collaboration Challenge. The team of four current and former Vanderbilt researchers have worked together since 2016 to create an AI-radio system that can manage the wireless spectrum, finding unused...

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Vanderbilt team ready for live DARPA spectrum challenge championship in L.A.; Winner will get $2 million

Oct. 17, 2019—Top prize in round one in 2017, second place in round two in 2018, and a prediction to cinch one of the top three spots in the live championship round of the DARPA Spectrum Collaboration Challenge, Vanderbilt’s MarmotE team will be ready to match radios and wits with nine other finalists. Learn More MarmotE With...

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Vanderbilt team wins $750K with AI to manage RF spectrum

Jan. 29, 2019—Vanderbilt team MarmotE cleared Phase 2 of the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Spectrum Collaboration Challenge held in December at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab. With no real estate left to expand the radio spectrum, DARPA’s challenge seeks machine-learning algorithms to sort out frequency priorities based on urgency – emergency and critical...

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