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‘Schmidt Family Annual Educational Technologies Lectureship’

Technology and learning theorist to deliver engineering school’s Schmidt Lecture April 13

Apr. 5, 2016—A leading theorist and researcher on how technology impacts learning, George Siemens thinks digitization of content and interaction has profound implications on teaching and learning and the organization of universities in general. Siemens will deliver a lecture – The Future of Learning: Digital, Data-driven, and Distributed – April 13 as the Schmidt Family Annual Educational...

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Selingo: Make college a lifelong, diverse experience vs. four-year box

Apr. 8, 2015—Blockbuster had Netflix. Borders had Amazon. Tower Records had iTunes. And so traditional higher education is going to face innovators that challenge it to adapt or fade, said Jeffrey Selingo, author of College (Un)Bound: The Future of Higher Education and What It Means for Students, and former editor of the Chronicle of Higher Education. On...

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Higher ed leader Jeffrey Selingo to describe college of the future at April 7 lecture

Mar. 26, 2015—School of Engineering announces creation of Schmidt Family Annual Educational Technologies Lectureship As technological advances ‘evolutionize’ higher education, award-winning author and speaker Jeffrey Selingo imagines what the college of the future will look like. Selingo will deliver the inaugural lecture – College (Un)Bound: The Future of Higher Education – April 7 for the School of...

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