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‘silicon photonics’

Photonics discovery portends dramatic efficiencies in silicon chips

Mar. 1, 2021—A team led by Vanderbilt engineers has achieved the ability to transmit two different types of optical signals across a single chip at the same time. The breakthrough heralds a potentially dramatic increase in the volume of data a silicon chip can transmit over any period of time. With this project, the research team moved...

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Optical computing at sub-picosecond speeds developed at Vanderbilt

Jan. 19, 2021—Vanderbilt researchers have developed the next generation of ultrafast data transmission that may make it possible to make already high-performance computing “on demand.” The technology unjams bottlenecks in data streams using a hybrid silicon-vanadium dioxide waveguide that can turn light on and off in less than one trillionth of a second. The article, “Sub‐Picosecond Response...

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