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‘space radiation effects’

Galloway receives international Gagarin Award for contributions to radiation effects research

Oct. 26, 2016—Kenneth F. Galloway received the 2016 Yuri Gagarin Award at the 2016 RADECS conference in Bremen, Germany. Galloway is a Distinguished Professor of Engineering, a professor of electrical engineering and computer science, and former dean of the Vanderbilt School of Engineering. The Radiation Effects in Components and Systems Association was established in Europe in 1991...

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Vanderbilt CubeSat data collected by ham radio operators worldwide

Feb. 12, 2016—Building a program of reliable CubeSats; doing real science at a fraction of the cost A tiny space hitchhiker named AO-85 is talking and thousands of ham radio operators worldwide and a handful of Vanderbilt University engineering researchers with the special interest of proud parents are listening. AO-85’s transponder was turned on three days after...

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