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Tech transfer course gives grad students real-world journey

Dec. 9, 2017—Expert panelists asking if a viable market exists for your product or whether your advancement is, in fact, novel enough to win patent protection makes the road to commercialization real. Fast. At the halfway point of a lauded entrepreneurship program, that’s the point. The class, which teams engineering PhD candidates with graduate students in the...

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Wikswo group tech licensed by UK company for organ-on-chip products

Oct. 18, 2017—A biotechnology company based in the United Kingdom has licensed three patents and applications from Vanderbilt University for its Organs-on-Chips products. CN Bio Innovations Ltd., a spinoff from Oxford University, secured a combination of exclusive and non-exclusive rights to microfluid technologies developed by Professor John Wikswo, Gordon A. Cain University and his group. Wikswo, a...

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Fluid power industry, academic leaders pack panel discussion on advances

Oct. 14, 2014—If America wants to keep its edge in fluid power, its engineers must find ways to add even more value to manufacturing components, work across disciplines and make everything smaller. Fortunately, engineering professionals in both research and industry are up to the task, an expert panel addressing the Fluid Power Innovation and Research Conference said...

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Eight engineering faculty on committee to assess commercial value of Vanderbilt research

Jul. 13, 2012—Eight engineering faculty members are part of a newly formed 20-member Faculty Advisory Committee in the Center for Technology Transfer and Commercialization (CTTC). The Faculty Advisory Committee is comprised of leading Vanderbilt researchers who were brought together to help maximize the effectiveness of CTTC in providing top-quality commercialization services to inventors.  The faculty-led group is structured...

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