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‘Tennessee Space Grant Consortium’

Racing the eclipse, backup balloon sends striking video

Aug. 22, 2017—A second high-altitude weather balloon rose yesterday from a Vanderbilt garage rooftop to the edge of space to live-stream video of the first total solar eclipse in the United States since 1979. After losing the first balloon to high winds, mechanical engineering graduate student Adam Jarrell and the NASA eclipse project team quickly attached the...

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Aerospace Club perfects novel liquid fuel tank design for rocket flight

Apr. 21, 2014—Mechanical engineering design students preparing for the NASA Student Launch competition May 17 recently ground tested their microgravity liquid fuel tank design in preparation for the 2014 national event in Utah. “Among the various projects suggested by the NASA program was the ‘liquid sloshing research in microgravity’ to support liquid propulsion system upgrades and development....

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Engineering proposals receive $1M in NASA funding

Jun. 21, 2010—Vanderbilt University has been awarded $1 million by NASA for a pair of proposals designed to aid the space agency. Both of the Vanderbilt proposals were submitted by Alvin Strauss, professor of mechanical engineering. NASA has awarded $16.8 million to 19 colleges and universities nationwide to conduct research and technology development in areas of importance...

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