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‘Tennessee Titans’

ExxonMobil senior chemical engineer gives public kudos to Vanderbilt, McCabe

Sep. 8, 2016—ExxonMobil senior chemical engineer Jessica Haley (PhD’15) gave very public kudos to both Professor Clare McCabe and Vanderbilt University for helping redirect her into a career she loves. ExxonMobil featured a question-and-answer with Haley in a Sept. 8 Wall Street Journal insert highlighting Universum’s top 100 employers. As a child struggling with asthma, Haley wanted...

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The right chemistry: Graduate school and NFL cheerleading squad

Jan. 20, 2014—  Jessica Haley thinks stereotypes are seldom accurate. This is Haley’s third season as a National Football League cheerleader for the Tennessee Titans, and she’s a third-year doctoral student in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Vanderbilt. “If you have a genuine interest in a subject or a career, don’t allow society’s oversimplified...

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