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‘Thomas Withrow’

Design Day showcases Mars habitat, interstate cap, dozens of innovations

Apr. 25, 2019—Design Day 2019 took students and visitors to Mars, a diving depth of 300 feet and a potential green oasis above a stretch of Interstate 65. Other projects included a robotic device for a young boy born with a partial right hand, an easily customized ultrasound brain helmet, an affordable 3D-printed canine prosthetic, advanced lab...

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Get ready for ‘Wow!’ Senior engineering Design Day is April 22

Apr. 10, 2019—One team of senior engineering students designed a headband that detects oncoming tremors and signals a bracelet that vibrates, discreetly alerting the young girl wearing the accessories. She has a rare brain condition that causes periodic head and neck tremors but can control them with focused attention. Another team developed a wrist-actuated partial prosthetic hand...

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Nissan values fresh eyes on assembly plant design challenges

Jul. 10, 2018—For more than five years, Nissan North America has sponsored engineering senior design projects share the goal of improving safety, workflow and efficiency its assembly plant in Smyrna, TN. Mark Larson, the manager for Nissan’s Integrated Factory Automation Engineering, welcomes fresh eyes on a problem each year. “Having folks with no experience in an automotive...

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With innovation in abundance, Design Day dazzles

Apr. 27, 2018—Knowing only the project title, they wanted in. “Mid-flight Drone Refueling” hooked them. Hundreds of hours later, the team of three electrical engineering seniors and four mechanical engineering seniors had a suggestion or two for future capstone design teams. Be ambitious – but expect to underestimate the project’s complexity and the time it requires. “We...

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From 3-D printed bones to refueling drones, check out Design Day April 23

Apr. 8, 2018—With the start of each new academic year, engineering seniors don’t get the luxury of easing in to their capstone design projects. Discussion of potential projects and the rigorous process begins with the first or second meeting of the two-semester course. Sponsors and professors present project needs and, depending on the department, students rank their...

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Vanderbilt joins 40 academic partners to create, deploy robotic technology in critical manufacturing sectors

Apr. 25, 2017—Vanderbilt University is one of 40 academic partners in a new robotics manufacturing institute in Pittsburgh that will be funded with $80 million from the Department of Defense and $173 million in matching funds from more than 200 participating partners, including companies, local governments, academic and nonprofit organizations. The Defense Department awarded the contract to...

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