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‘transit patterns’

Using AI to optimize public transit for pandemic protocols and planning

Jul. 10, 2020—Abhishek Dubey, assistant professor of electrical engineering and computer science, is applying artificial intelligence (AI) to address how the essential public transit systems of Nashville and Chattanooga – WeGo Public Transit and CARTA, respectively – can maintain social distancing protocols and proactively plan bus routes and schedules in response to COVID-19. Beyond concerns transit advocates...

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Transportation lab predicts “extreme traffic” for some cities following COVID-19

Jun. 8, 2020—By Marissa Shapiro As communities and cities across America embark on paths for reopening, a transportation group at Vanderbilt is asking the question: What will traffic look like if transit riders become car drivers? A new article, published online by the Work Research Group at Vanderbilt, takes a hard look at transportation modes during and...

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