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‘U.S. DoD’

$8.8 million grant to overhaul evolution of complex software systems

Aug. 20, 2020—All software is not created equal. At one end are apps on a smartphone and consumer-facing programs for which periodic updates to fix bugs and security issues are routine, like replacing an air conditioning filter or getting an annual flu shot. At the other end are large, complex software systems such as software used in...

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ChemE major earns prestigious DOD scholarship

Jun. 2, 2019—Rachel Strons, a rising junior, has been selected as a SMART Scholar by the U.S. Department of Defense. The SMART award—which stands for Science, Mathematics And Research for Transformation—was designed to enhance the DoD workforce with “talented, innovative and brilliant scientists, engineers and researchers” by supporting students like Strons, a chemical engineering major from Naperville,...

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Make science and medical research passionate and personal, expert urges

Mar. 28, 2018—America as a whole is losing its passion for science, a trend that jeopardizes biomedical advancements to cure disease, ease suffering, and improve lives, the head of a top academic association said Wednesday. “If we want science and medical innovation to once again define what America wants to be then we have to make it...

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Liberating devices from their power cords

May. 19, 2014—Close-up of structural supercapacitor. (Joe Howell / Vanderbilt) Imagine a future in which our electrical gadgets are no longer limited by plugs and external power sources. This intriguing prospect is one of the reasons for the current interest in building the capacity to store electrical energy directly into a wide range of products, such as...

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