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‘Vanderbilt-based I-Corps program’

Alumni cybersecurity startup receives new grants, accolades

Dec. 13, 2021—Alumni-founded ARMS Cyber recently earned a $750,000 Phase II Small Business Technology Transfer grant from the U.S. Air Force and the grand prize in a tech startup competition hosted by VetsinTech and JPMorgan Chase. ARMS Cyber is a cybersecurity company that proactively eliminates zero-day attacks, which target software security vulnerabilities before developers have the opportunity to patch them. Brad Potteiger, MS’16, PhD’19, Tim Potteiger, MS’17, and Michael Bryant, MBA’12, are the co-founders. The one-year Phase II STTR grant...

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Zeno Power: Vanderbilt’s NSF I-Corps team makes an impact through innovation

Mar. 24, 2021—Since the inception of the Vanderbilt I-Corps Site Program just three years ago, more than 20 teams of VU innovators have been accepted into the National Science Foundation’s prestigious National I-Corps Program, turning their STEM ideas and research into novel inventions that improve health care, strengthen cybersecurity, produce clean energy, support people battling drug abuse...

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Alumni brothers take on cybersecurity’s moving target

Aug. 7, 2020—Without warning, freezing-cold air blasts from the vents, the stereo screams heavy metal music at deafening decibels, your transmission dies and the doors won’t unlock. The good news is that your brand-new Jeep Grand Cherokee is not a lemon. The bad news is that you have been attacked by a hacker sitting on his living...

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NSF I-Corps program gives boost to commercializing prosthetic ankle

Jul. 9, 2018—The first team to finish the National Science Foundation’s National Innovation Corps program from Vanderbilt University’s new I-Corps site is planning to take its smart prosthetic ankle to market. Michael Goldfarb, H. Fort Flowers Professor of Mechanical Engineering and director of the Center for Intelligent Mechatronics, graduate student Harrison Bartlett and postdoctoral scholar Brian Lawson...

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