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‘Yiorgos Kostoulas’

First online master’s degree students to graduate May 15

May. 9, 2021—The first cohort of students from two online engineering master’s degree programs will graduate Saturday, May 15. The M.Eng. students in engineering management and M.S. students in computer science come from a wide range of industries, including energy, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, technology, aerospace and consulting. Ten and three master’s degree students will graduate, respectively. Vanderbilt and 2U, Inc., a...

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VINSE awarded VentureWell grant for undergraduate nanomaker immersion class

Apr. 14, 2021—By Miquéla Thornton Alice Leach A new Nanomaker Immersion course coming to Vanderbilt aims to train the next generation of nanotechnology entrepreneurs in a facility rarely utilized by undergraduates. The course is made possible by a $30,000 VentureWell Faculty Grant awarded to Alice D. Leach, research assistant professor of materials science and the immersion leader...

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