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Funding and Grant Resources

A variety of external and internal funding resources are available for faculty and graduate students studying an array of fields in the School of Engineering.

External Funding Sources

A host of foreign research institutions as well as those based in the United States provide financial support for academic projects involving international travel, research collaborations and topics of investigation.

National Institutes of Health
National Science Foundation

Internal Funding Sources

Vanderbilt University provides many opportunities for financial support available to graduate students and faculty engaging in international partnerships and/or research.

Graduate School
Travel Grant -
Travel grants are awarded to students traveling to international conferences.
Graduate School

Vanderbilt International Office
Curricula Grant -
The VIO Curricula Grant is awarded to a faculty member who is pursuing international exchanges in order to enhance an undergraduate course.
Research Grant -
The VIO Research grant supports the initiatives of tenure or tenure-track faculty to develop sustainable partnerships with reputable overseas institutions.