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Hard copies of these modules may be loaned out from Vanderbilt. Please contact Dr. Stacy Klein-Gardner at if you wish to check out a module.

Title Author Subject Year
Latex Strength Module Erik Bowen Algebra I, Algebra II 2009
Saving Our Planet with Eco-structures Janice Jo Nola Algebra I 2009
Bridge Module Janice Jo Nola Algebra I, Geometry 2008
Walk the Line: A Module on Linear Functions Aubrey McKelvey Algebra I, Pre-Algebra 2008
Feel Better Faster: A Unit on Flow Rate Michelle Woods Algebra II 2010
Bone Mineral Density and Logarithms Module Kristyn N. Shaffer Algebra II, Pre-Calculus with trigonometry 2007
Cardiovascular Disease Carol Sneed Anatomy & Physiology 2006
Nervous Impulse Module Jen James Anatomy & Physiology 2009
Computerized Tomography Module Jen James and Stephanie Marshall Anatomy & Physiology 2004
Bone Module Katie Wolter Anatomy & Physiology 2009
A Cure for the Fainting Goat Michelle Bell Anatomy & Physiology 2008
Bone Desity Module Steve Harden Anatomy & Physiology 2006
Bone Growth Jen James Anatomy & Physiology 2010
Aging Heart Valves Module Michael Duplessis Anatomy & Physiology 2010
Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Mosaic (fMRI) Nancy P Morabito Anatomy & Physiology, Biology 2004
Vocal Acoustic Mosaic Jacqueline D Brisbane Anatomy & Physiology, Physical Science, Engineering, Computer Programming with Matlab 2006
Deep Brain Stimulation Module Bill Rodriguez Anatomy and Physiology, Physics, Engineering Design 2009
MRI Legacy Cycle Module Vickie  Reddy  Anatomy, Physics 2006
DNA Module Corey Staggs Biology 2006
Tumors and Technology Module Glenn V Clay Biology 2005
Cell Signaling and Cancer      Gordon Chenery Biology 2008
Sickle-Cell Disease Module Hank Cardwell  Biology 2006
Genetic Engineering Mosaic Jenise L Gordon Biology 2007
Protozoa Velocity Module Jennifer T Perry Biology 2005
Cell Signaling Module Joyce K. Mowry Biology 2008
DNA Fragmenting and Gel Electrophoresis Module Kendra Haver Biology 2007
How Drugs Alter the Serotonin Levels in the Human Brain Module Leslie Lasher Biology 2007
Cellular Respiration Module Lisa Hamilton Biology 2005
Cancer Biology Legacy Cycle Module Martha M Day Biology 2006
The Apoptosis Module Jeff Marlow Biology 2009
The Electrochemistry of Photosynthesis Gary Schott Biology 2010
Biomedical Imaging Module  Gary Schott Biology, Anatomy & Physiology 2008
Bone Module Morgan Evans Biology, Anatomy & Physiology 2009
Density and EM Spectrum Module Deborah  Brown Biology, Chemistry 2006
Keepers of the Gate:  Cell Membrane Module  Melinda M. Higgins Biology, Chemistry 2009
Cellular Transport Mosaic Tonja L Williams Biology, Chemistry 2005
Implementing Biomimicry and Sustainable Design with an Emphasis on the Application of Ecological Principles Wendy J. Holmgren Biology, Life Science 2008
Human Eye Mosaic Phyllis A Adgent Biology, Physics 2004
Nutrition and Fitness Module Delene Huggins  Biology, Wellness 2007
Body Composition Mosaic Scott Carter Biology, Wellness 2006
Velocity / Position  John Y Dusenberry Calculus/Pre-Calculus 2006
Aflatoxin Module Michelle Bell Chemistry 2005
Nanotechnology Mosaic Melinda Higgins Chemistry 2007
Periodic Table Mosaic Melinda Higgins Chemistry 2008
Bonding Module Susan Lees Chemistry 2006
Formula Writing and Naming Module Susan Lees Chemistry 2007
Polymer Science Module Doug Murray Chemistry 2009
Molecular Stucture and Bonding Lisa Beard Chemistry 2009
Beer's Law Unit James Cherry Chemistry 2010
The Chemical Engineering of Bone Michelle Bell Chemistry 2010
Using Nanoparticles to Detect, Treat, and Protect Against Skin Cancer Michell Bell Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology 2009
Dental Restoration Mosaic Jacqueline D Brisban Chemistry, Biology 2007
Chemistry of Biofilms Melinda Higgins Chemistry, Biology 2010
Mount Everest Mosaic (Cellular Respiration Module) Tami A West Chemistry, Biology (Physics, Anatomy & Physiology) 2004
Keeping Our House in Order  Innocent Usoh Community College Engineering Technology 2008
Enhancing Computer Literacy Using Excel Program Innocent Usoh Community College Engineering Technology 2009
Light Intensity Measurement Module Mark Gonyea Computer Programming 2006
Spectral Curve Module Mark Gonyea Computer Programming 2007
Robotics Peripheral Vision Module Mark Gonyea Computer Programming 2008
Clutter Reduction Module Mark Gonyea Computer Programming 2009
Minimizing Waypoints on a Map Mark Gonyea Computer Programming 2010
Human Robot Interaction—Human Vision Kimberly Gold Electronics 2007
Global Warming Mosaic John Lee Environmental Science 2004
Heart Module Hannah Reynard Middle School Science, A&P 2005
Laser Technology Module: The Challenge of Protecting the Mummified Troll Terry Carter Middle School Technology 2007
Tattoo Removal Module Terry Carter Middle School Technology 2008
Microtechnology Module: The Challenge of the Miniature Trolls Terry Carter Middle School Technology 2009
Radiation Dose Module Bryan O'Neal Middle School Technology 2009
Clean Up This Mess Justin Montenegro Physical Science 2010
Atomic Polarity Unit Sean Donnelly Physical Science 2010
EM Spectrum Module Deborah Brown Physics 2005
Cree Module George Mast Physics 2009
Using Light To Fight Crime Module Jan Cathey Physics 2004
Hybrid Vehicle Design Challenge Joel Daniel Physics 2007
Speed Detection Julia Wicke Physics 2004
Ultrasound Imaging Module Kara Krinks Physics 2005
Abduction! A Study of Shoulder Anatomy, Stress, Centers of Mass and Anthropometry Luke Diamond Physics 2006
Using Stress and Strain to Detect Cancer! Luke Diamond Physics 2006
Force Module Marcus Collines Physics 2007
Quality Control Engineer for a Pencil Manufacturer Mike Kiser Physics 2010
Achilles Tendon Module Mike Kiser Physics, Anatomy and Physiology 2009
Photosystem 1: A Plausible Energy Alternative Lisa Jo Beard Physics, Biology, Chemistry 2007
Luminol Mosaic Chrysti Carte  Physics, Chemistry 2005
Stirling Engine Module Nancy Caukin Physics, Chemistry 2007
MRI Safety Module Eric Appelt Physics, Math 2007
Are they different? Regina Williams Statistics 2010