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2005 RET Participant Glenn Clay

Glenn Clay
McGavock High School

Biomedical Modeling Laboratory - Mike Miga, Ph.D

This summer I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Michael Miga, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering. Our project dealt with Elastography, using Strain Imagery to detect tumors in the breast of women. My project consists of writing of MatLab program that produced two figures. One figure showed the deformation of tissue by a tumor, which causes a slight curve in a straight-line graph. The second figure shows the position of the tumor compared to the actual tissue by giving it a variable. To make sure the project was practical to biology, we used models made of Jell-O. The tumor model was made with a higher concentration of Jell-O to demonstrate stiffness. The tissue model was made with lesser concentration of Jell-O to illustrate regular tissue. Once the mold was made I used a ruler to take the length of each 3in x 3in section of Jell-O used. I placed a mug and piece of 3in x 3in cardboard on top of the sections. The sections consist of regular tissue on the bottom, tumor in the middle, and regular tissue on the top. I massed the mug before I placed it on top of the sections. I measured the sections after the pressure was applied, calculated the length of the sections using Hooke's Law.

My project coincides with Gene Expression (Cancer) when we talk about tumors. We will focus on the cause, treatment, and prevention of tumors. The technology that is available will be emphasized as well. My students will do research, demonstrations, presentations, laboratory experiments, and multimedia presentations to show they know and understand the content of the information presented to them.