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2005 RET Participant Luke Diamond

Luke Diamond
Pope John Paul II High School
Physics and AP Physics Teacher

Dr. Michael Miga Ð Biomechanics and Computational Modeling Lab

Research Experience

The main focus of my research was numerical integration. I developed MATLAB and Microsoft XL files that applied numerical integration schemes (rectangular rule, trapezoidal rule, and Simpson's rule) to biological systems. Specifically, I used numerical integration to approximate the weight and center of gravity of a human arm. It's necessary to determine this information because almost no quantitative calculations can be performed that involve the arm unless you know the mass and center of gravity of the arm.

Mosaic Developed

The module I developed focused on the maximum weight that can be held when the shoulder is abducted at 90¼. There are two modules in this mosaic. One focuses on the anatomy of the shoulder, specifically the middle deltoid and its properties. The other module emphasizes static equilibrium and mathematical modeling. Upon successful completion of this mosaic, students will create a mathematical model of the arm and determine the maximum weight that can be held by a 6 foot, 190 pound male.