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Disaster Response Tools

Researchers are working to monitor and manage disaster response tools. This includes monitoring environmental quality, mitigating public health crises, and detecting and addressing environmental variables for sustainability, resilience, and positive public health outcomes. This is seen in research focused on resilience in electricity, buildings, water infrastructure, energy management, air quality, wildfires, and flood mitigation.

floods  tornado

Example Projects:

NSF Civic Engagement Project to help Houston Area food banks - Vanderbilt civil engineer to design tech-driven decision-making and disaster response tools for Houston-area food banks

Understanding the dynamic of wildfire and developing models to help decision making for critical infrastructure including power grid - Read further  here  

Understanding flash floods and their impacts - Read further here


Mark Abkowitz

Hiba Baroud

Janey Camp

Abhishek Dubey

Ayan Mukhopadhyay