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Smart Roadways

High-resolution sensor information combined with smart data processing at the edge is crucial to developing dynamic models of traffic flows, traffic congestion, parking utilization, and curb-space utilization. Combining the innovation across the spectrum of high-resolution cameras, the internet of things, and machine learning Vanderbilt researchers along with the community partners have been developing solutions for high-resolution metrics, identifying bottlenecks, and improving the infrastructure utilization.

i24 smart road

Example Projects: 

I-24 smart corridor - Vanderbilt, TDOT partner to make 6 miles of I-24 the world’s smartest roadway

Smart driving - Technologies can help drivers maintain the two-second rule to improve road safety and traffic flow

Reducing traffic jams - MoveVU travels on with $8.4M to help reduce traffic jams near campus, improve city air quality

Measuring traffic density on road intersection - Read further here 


Mark Abkowitz

Abhishek Dubey

Craig Philip

Daniel Work