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Solutions 2012: Contacts

Philippe M. Fauchet
Email  (615) 322-0720

Senior Associate Dean
K. Arthur Overholser
Email (615) 322-2762

Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations
David M. Bass
Email (615) 322-4934

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
George E. Cook
Email (615) 322-2762

Associate Dean for Administration
Janiece Harrison
Email (615) 322-2762

Associate Dean
Cynthia Paschal
Email  (615) 322-2029

Department of Biomedical Engineering
Todd Giorgio, Chair
Email (615) 322-3756

Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Peter N. Pintauro, Chair
H. Eugene McBrayer Professor of chemical Engineering
Email (615) 343-3878

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
George M. Hornberger, Chair
Craig E. Philip Professor of Engineering and University Distinguished Professor
Email (615) 322-2697

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Daniel Fleetwood, Chair
Olin H. Landreth Professor of Engineering
Email (615) 343-6702

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Robert W. Pitz, Chair
Email (615) 322-0209

Division of General Engineering
Christopher J. Rowe, Director
Email (615) 322-3479

Design and Illustration

Chris Collins, Vanderbilt University Creative Services


Nancy Wise, Vanderbilt University News & Communications


Brenda Ellis, Jennifer Johnston, David Salisbury, Darrell Soloman, Nancy Wise


Daniel Dubois, Steve Green, Joe Howell, Anne Rayner, John Russell

Additional photography provided by George Hornberger and students in the BME Service Learning in Guatemala course, Spring 2012.

Airplane photograph courtesy of Embraer. AVM graphic courtesy of DARPA. Sustainable Design Expo photograph courtesy of the EPA.

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