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Message from Dean Fauchet

Fall 2013


Every engineering school fosters collaboration.

What I've found, however, at the School of Engineering at Vanderbilt University is an enthusiastic culture of collaboration with a remarkably high level of partnerships. Here, mechanical engineers partner with neurosurgeons, computer scientists partner with audiologists, environmental engineers partner with policymakers, and computer engineers partner with educators.

That desire to work collaboratively, each contributing his or her expertise and ideas, also leads Vanderbilt engineers to pair with other outstanding engineering schools and companies across the nation and across the world. Of course, we have worked within such groups for a long time. Now, we are increasingly leading national and global teams.

In the following pages you'll see examples of cooperation and teamwork we believe will lead to solutions to some important societal problems. As a researcher myself, I appreciate Vanderbilt's culture of collaboration that circumvents territorial behaviors and siloed structures, and anticipates that its highly adaptive and creative teams will create rich opportunities for innovation.

Outstanding engineers here and at our partner institutions take pride in their expertise and work, and know what they can contribute and what they can rely on their diverse teammates to provide. The inherent power of these collaborations lies in our shared stake in solving some very serious problems and effecting change. It keeps us moving forward.




Philippe Fauchet , Dean