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Vanderbilt TIPs

Vanderbilt TIPs

Vanderbilt University launched a $50 million Trans-Institutional Programs initiative in November 2014 to provide support for cross-disciplinary research and collaboration—a core pillar of the university’s new Academic Strategic Plan. TIPs create new and valuable knowledge by interweaving relevant perspectives, theories, methods and information from two or more disciplines. Seventeen cross-disciplinary projects involving 153 faculty from all 10 Vanderbilt colleges and schools were chosen for the initial set of awards. Of those 17, School of Engineering faculty are key to 10—more than half of all projects selected. We congratulate those selected and look forward to new discovery.

Trans-Institutional Programs
School of Engineering Leads

School(s) Involved








Advanced Neuroimaging at Vanderbilt 
Adam Anderson, John Gore, William Grissom      

The Laboratories for Innovation in Global Health Technologies 
Rick Haselton, Cynthia Paschal       

NetsBlox: Digital Learning Technology for Computer Science Education 
Akos Ledeczi  
The Science of Music Research: Creating a Program for Music, Mind and Society 
Philippe Fauchet       

Sterling Ranch–Sustainability and Education Research Center 
David Kosson, Ralph Bruce, Sanjiv Gokhale, Gabor Karsai, Xenofon Koutsoukos, Eugene LeBoeuf, Shihong Lin, Cynthia Paschal, Lori Troxel    

A Trans-Institutional Big Data Architecture at Vanderbilt 
Aniruddha Gokhale, Bennett Landman, Clare McCabe, Robert Weller  
Vanderbilt Center for Molecular Probes 
Leon Bellan 
The Vanderbilt Pre Initiative (Preventing Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes and Prematurity) 
Frederick Haselton         

VISE—Bringing Engineers and Surgeons Together 
Benoit Dawant, Robert Galloway, Michael Miga, Robert Webster       

Wisdom Working Group
Doug Fisher         


  • BL - Blair School of Music
  • AS - College of Arts and Science
  • LI - Jean and Alexander Heard Library System
  • PE - Peabody College of education and human develpoment
  • EN - School of Engineering
  • LA - Law School
  • MD - School of Medicine