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Solutions 2016: Contacts


Philippe M. Fauchet
Email  (615) 322-0720

Senior Associate Dean
K. Arthur Overholser
Email (615) 343-3773

Associate Dean
Cynthia Paschal
Email  (615) 343-3773

Associate Dean for Graduate Studies
E. Duco Jansen
Email (615) 343-3773

Associate Dean for Research
Peter Cummings, John R. Hall Professor of Chemical Engineering
Email (615) 343-3773

Associate Dean, Diversity and Inclusion
William H. Robinson
Email (615) 322-1507

Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations
David M. Bass
Email (615) 322-4934

Associate Dean, Design
Thomas J. Withrow
Email (615) 322-3594

Associate Dean, Student Services
Burgess Mitchell
Email (615) 343-8061

Director of Engineering Communications
Christopher Rowe
Email (615) 322-3479