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Introducing Intellectual Neighborhoods

Dean FauchetUsing nanotechnology to create cars that emit water vapor instead of exhaust.

Retraining the body’s immune system to kill neuroblastoma tumors from the inside out.

Helping communities determine whether their infrastructure can withstand climate change disasters.

In this year’s Solutions, you will read about the remarkable work going on within our intellectual neighborhoods a rethinking of how to classify our research enterprise in a way that maximizes our impact and emphasizes our interdisciplinary strengths. We unveiled the new concept last year and take pride in its success, shown by the diversity of ideas being recognized and rewarded. This strategy is guiding every aspect of our growth from the pursuit of major research programs to valuable partnerships with corporations and foundations.

We’re thrilled at the attention being received by the Wond’ry at the Innovation Pavilion, our newly opened innovation center adjacent to the cutting-edge Engineering and Science Building, on schedule for a phased opening through early 2017. The Wond’ry is the most compelling evidence of a movement gaining even stronger momentum here at Vanderbilt: a determination to nurture the culture of design and making among students, faculty, and residents of Nashville and beyond. I invite all to join our extensive network of mentors and makers. Using state-of-the-art equipment, expert guidance, and a web of campus and local makerspaces, you may launch the world’s next game changing company or simply expand your personal spirit of invention. Just go to to explore the site and join the mailing list.

The Engineering and Science Building will be home to our regenerative medicine and rehabilitation engineering laboratories, student classrooms, and collaboration centers, plus perhaps the most exciting feature a commercial grade clean room to support our growing nanoscale engineering and science research.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the pages of Solutions. Far from simply being the name of this publication, it’s what we’re striving to find every day at Vanderbilt University, and we’re making the investments to prove it.

Best regards,

Philippe Fauchet , Dean

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