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Deep imaging ultrasound imaging for difficult to image patients and underwater visualization

Primary Investigators:
Brett Byram
Brief Description of Project:
It is difficult to create high quality ultrasound images at extreme depth.  This problem presents itself in a variety of scenarios including in the clinic when imaging large, difficult-to-image patients and in underwater visualization in the near-field.  We are working to mitigate this depth problem by developing through both hardware and software solutions.  The hardware development involves unique ways to manipulate and steer acoustic beams, and the software focuses on new deep network beamformer and other strategies for manipulating ultrasonic resolution limits.

Desired Qualifications: 
1.) Interest in Matlab and algorithm development. 
2.) Interest in conducting large water tank experiments. 

Nature of Supervision:
Daily contact with graduate student supervisor.  Weekly meetings with larger team, and regular contact with PI throughout the week.
A Brief Research Plan (period is for 10 weeks):
Weeks 1-2 orientation and work the grad student to understand the project. Also begin experiments.
Weeks 3-4 continue experiments and begin to learn the existing Matlab processing pipeline. Identify summer specific task/targets for improvements.
Weeks 5-6 continue experiments and begin algorithm (or hardware) developments. 
Weeks 7-9 continue with project and iterate as needed.
Weeks 9.5-10 wrap up and pass project knowledge back to supervising graduate student and PI. 

Number of Open Slots: 1
Contact Information:
Name: Brett Byram
Department: Biomedical Engineering