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Biomedical Engineering Summer Research

Project Title

Contact Person

Hidden Mechanisms of Ultrasound Image Quality Degradation

Brett Byram

Deep Networks for Ultrasound Image Degradation

Brett Byram

Development and Evaluation of Novel MRI methods

Mark Does

Quantitative MRI of Peripheral Nerves

Richard Dortch

Targeted and Local siRNA Drug Delivery

Craig Duvall

Engineering Nanoparticles for Peptide Delivery to Vascular Grafts

Craig Duvall

Pathogen detection in low resource environments

Rick Haselton

Microenvironmental effects on cancer progression

Cynthia Reinhart-King

Clinical Predictors of the Fracture Resistance of Bone

Jeffry Nyman

Computational methods for image reconstruction, aberration correction, and super-resolution

Yuankai Kenny Tao

Multimodal optical technologies for fluorescence and reflectance ophthalmic imaging in rodent animal models

Yuankai Kenny Tao

Widefield Three-Dimensional Mosaicking of Multiple Overlapping Volumetric Datasets

Yuankai Kenny Tao

Functional Imaging of Lymphatics Using Optical Coherence Tomography

Yuankai Kenny Tao

MRI of Brown Adipose Tissue

Bruce Damon

Enhancing Breast Cancer Immunotherapy With Ultrasound Microbubbles

Charles F Caskey

Simulation and Validation of Transcranial Focused Ultrasound

Charles F Caskey

Physiological Sensing for Fitness and Wellness

Christina Marasco

Next Generation MRI Goil Arrays Using Steerable Dipoles

Adam Anderson

Leukocytes as Mobile Carriers of Anti-Cancer Proteins to Neutralize Circulating Tumor Cells for the Prevention of Cancer Metastasis

Michael King

Real-Time Volumetric MRI Temperature Imaging

Will Grissom

Microwave Ablation in the Liver

Michael I. Miga