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Biomedical Engineering Summer Research

Project Title

Contact Person

Bio-Inkjet Printed Nanozymes for Smartphone-compatible, Rapid Antigen Detection

Charleson Bell, Todd D. Giorgio

Synthetic gene circuits for regenerative engineering

Jonathan Brunger

Deep imaging ultrasound imaging for difficult to image patients and underwater visualization

Brett Byram

Development and Evaluation of Novel MRI methods

Mark Does

Engineering Nanoparticles for Peptide Delivery to Vascular Grafts

Craig Duvall

Targeted and Local siRNA Drug Delivery

Craig Duvall

Biomaterials for sustained release of cancer immunotherapy

Todd Giorgio

Pathogen Detection in Low Resource Settings

Rick Haselton

Dehydration sensing in military personnel using Raman spectroscopy

Anita Mahadevan-Jansen

Multimodal optical technologies for fluorescence and reflectance ophthalmic imaging in rodent animal models

Yuankai Tao

Assessing brain microstructure using MRI

Adam Anderson

Cellular metabolism in cancer metastasis

Cynthia Reinhart-King

Role of non-enzymatic post-translational modifications in osteoporosis

Jeff Nyman

Multisensory Alarms to Improve Patient Care and Safety

Joseph Schlesinger

Noninvasive Low Cardiac Output Detection via Thermographic

Justin Baba

Comparison of Automated Artifact Rejection Methods for ICU EEG Delirium Detection

Melissa Polson

Mechanotransduction of cancer cell aggregates within the circulation

Michael King

Widefield three-dimensional mosaicking of multiple overlapping volumetric datasets

Yuankai Tao

Functional imaging of lymphatics using optical coherence tomography

Yuankai Tao

Integrative statistical models of neuroscience networks

Mikail Rubinov

Development of tissue-mimicking phantoms for validation of technology for low-cost neuroimaging

Audrey Bowden

Development of tissue-mimicking phantoms for validation of technology for bladder cancer

Audrey Bowden

Design of a low-cost retinal imaging system for low-resource settings

Audrey Bowden

Design of a microfluidic chamber to measure the mechanical properties of embryos

Audrey Bowden