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Multimodal optical technologies for fluorescence and reflectance ophthalmic imaging in rodent animal models

Primary Investigators:
Yuankai Tao
Brief Description of Project:
Rodents are ideal models for studying disease pathogenesis and response to genetic and pharmacological perturbation in the eye. Optical imaging methods enable noninvasive cellular-resolution visualization of tissue structure and function. We will develop a multimodality optical imaging system that provides simultaneous fluorescence and reflectance contrast of retina microstructure and function. Complementary contrast from these modalities will enable real-time image-guided delivery of gene and stem-cell therapies in mouse models of retinal disease and longitudinal tracking of physiological response.

Desired Qualifications:
Required: 1+ semester of circuits and proficiency with Matlab or LabView. Preferred: 2+ semesters of circuits, 1+ semester of signals and systems, and proficiency with C/C++ and SolidWorks.
Nature of Supervision:
Student(s) will be directly supervised by Primary Investigator and his graduate students.
A Brief Research Plan (period is for 10 weeks):
Week 0-2: Hands-on training in SolidWorks, ZEMAX (optical simulation), and fluorescence/reflectance imaging systems.
Week 2-5: Optical and mechanical design and simulation.
Week 5-7: Prototyping and system characterization.
Week 8-9: Animal imaging experiments.
Week 9-10: Compile data, summarize results, submit abstract for relevant conference.
Number of Open Slots: 1
Contact Information:
Name: Yuankai Tao
Department: Biomedical Engineering