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Modeling organizational resilience in interdependent infrastructure systems

Primary Investigators:
Hiba Baroud
Brief Description of Project:
Most research on infrastructure systems resilience assumes a centralized decision maker with a single well-defined objective function. However, this assumption is often not realistic, particularly considering that infrastructure systems do not operate individually as they present interdependencies at multiple levels (such as physical, functional, geographical, and organizational, among others). The goal of this work is to establish an approach that incorporates a multi-objective societal layer to analyze and optimize the organizational resilience of interdependent infrastructure networks. The proposed approach enables modeling how human and organizational aspects (e.g., biases, risk preferences, multiple interests, and decentralization, among others) influence infrastructure risk and resilience management decisions. Thus, by integrating the involvement of the stakeholders in the use and operation of interdependent infrastructures, the proposed methodology will enable assessing the impact of humans and organizations on the overall performance and resilience of infrastructure systems. This particular project will involve a case study for the recovery of infrastructure systems in Shelby County with a focus on power, water, gas, and transportation systems.

Desired Qualifications:
Knowledge in optimization, network flow modeling, statistics.
Programming skills in R and Python.
Nature of Supervision:
The student will be responsible for collecting data and developing optimization framework in Python. The student will meet with the PI once a week and will present progress in the form of slides and a paper.
A Brief Research Plan (period is for 10 weeks):
week 1-2: literature review
week 2-4: data collection
week 6-8: development of framework and implementation of case study
week 8-10: prepare paper and presentation
Number of Open Slots: 1
Contact Information:
Name: Hiba Baroud
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering