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Computer Science Summer Research

Project Title

Contact Person

Affordances in Virtual and Augmented Reality

Bobby Bodenheimer

Disappearing Links in Social Media

Tyler Derr

Data-driven Analysis of Equity and Fairness in Public Transit

Abhishek Dubey

Neural Network and Machine Learning Verification

Taylor Johnson

Tools for Assured Autonomy

Gabor Karsai

AI and Visual Thinking

Maithilee Kunda

Space Radiation Effects on Computing Platforms

Arthur Witulski

Designing an Open-Source Database and Benchmark Framework for Incident Response in Smart Cities

Abhishek Dubey

From Blocks to Python

Akos Ledeczi

Adaptive acoustic monitoring system

Akos Ledeczi

Interoperable Sharing of Healthcare Data Using Distributed Ledger Technologies

Dana Zhang

Compositional DSLs for Enhancing Software

Daniel Balasubramanian

Improving Community and Neighborhood Safety Through Open Data Collection

Daniel Balasubramanian

Building a Real-Time Web Application with User Interactions

David Hyde

Data Engineering for Intelligent Reactive Micro-Services

Douglas C. Schmidt

Autonomous Quadrupedal Robots

Forrest Laine

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Fault Tolerant Control Test Bed

Gautam Biswas

Pedagogical Agent that uses Speech and Gestures help K-12 students learn science

Gautam Biswas

Metamaterials for Machine Learning

Jason Valentine

Understanding Human Error in Software Vulnerabilities

Kevin Leach

Infrastructure for Computing the Biome

Yogesh Barve

Sustain Open Source Software for Social Good

Yu Huang

Accessibility in Augmented Reality

Haley Adams