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Autonomous Quadrupedal Robots

Primary Investigators:
Forrest Laine
Brief Description of Project:
Work to assemble two Solo12 quadrupedal robots, and implement baseline control methodologies, position estimation, and other functionalities needed for autonomous system research.

Desired Qualifications:
- Must be capable of troubleshooting/debugging/learning new things at the hardware, firmware,  software, and theory levels.  Most tasks will be well documented online, but there will be lots of problem solving involved along the way, and interns need to be able to search for and resolve solutions to issues that arise. 
- Experience working with hardware (simple familiarity with household power tools, 3d printing, soldering, wiring, crimping)
- Experience programming in multiple languages (low-level like C/C++, and hi-level like Julia or Python)
- Solid math background (linear algebra, differential equations, linear/quadratic/non-convex optimization)
- Previous experience with robotics or autonomous systems is a huge plus
- All of these are wants, but if you are motivated and excited about robotics, please don't hesitate to apply

Nature of Supervision:
Weekly 1-1 meetings, weekly group meetings, possible weekly tutoring sessions. I will be engaged and helping out with project as well when possible.
A Brief Research Plan (period is for 10 weeks):
Weeks 1-3: Setting up hardware, firmware for robots, performing simple tests
Weeks 4-8: Setting up motion tracking pipeline, simple baseline control methods
Weeks 9-10: Moving towards state-of-the-art control techniques
Number of Open Slots: 2
Contact Information:
Name: Forrest Laine
Department: Computer Science