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Engineering Education - Linking course material to ChE concepts

Primary Investigators:
Julie Vernon
Brief Description of Project:
In this project, we will create hands-on activities that connect to chemical engineering concepts and different chemical engineering jobs. Project themes will target curiosity, creativity, and connection based on KEEN entrepreneurial mindset framework. The activities are to be designed to engage students’ curiosity and connection to what chemical engineers do in the real world.

Plan B - remote option- virtual activities will be investigate to engage students in the desired ChE concepts.

Desired Qualifications: 
Students who are majoring in chemical or biomedical engineering 
Basic programing
Some experience with 3D printing
Some experience in excel and power point 

Nature of Supervision:
Students will meet with PI weekly to discuss plan for each week. It is desired that students can work independently on desired tasks.
A Brief Research Plan (period is for 10 weeks):
Week 1 - Literature Review
Week 2 - Learning basic lab skills
Week 3 - 6 - Execute, iterate, and finalize Activity 1
Week 7-9 Execute, iterate, and finalize Activity 2
Week 10 - Write up protocols for the activities 

Number of Open Slots: 2
Contact Information:
Name: Julie Vernon
Department: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering