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Modeling and Characterization of Radiation Effects

Primary Investigators:
Jeff Kauppila
Brief Description of Project:
The project will seek to develop techniques for modeling and characterizing radiation effects in electronic components. Electronics used in space systems must be robust to work reliably in the harsh natural space environment.  In particular, transient glitches in circuit components can be generated by cosmic rays and ionized particles in space.  Mitigation of these glitches is often a goal during the integrated circuit design, using specialized design techniques, as well as modeling and simulation. The student involved in this project will be involved in researching existing modeling and characterization techniques, examining available data for a component, and developing a behavioral model of the component and its response to a radiation environment. Depending on the skills of the selected applicant, the design of a characterization circuits to quantify radiation effects may also be considered.

Desired Qualifications:
ECE Students familiar with digital logic, analog electronics, and preferably VLSI design. Programming experience desired (Java, Python, VHDL, or Verilog-AMS).
Nature of Supervision:
In-person interaction with research faculty and graduate students. There will be at least one weekly meeting for status updates with other researchers with common interests. The student selected for this project will be expected to present a summary of work and findings at the conclusion of the summer program.
A Brief Research Plan (period is for 10 weeks):

1. Become familiar with radiation effects, characterization, and radiation-enabled modeling

2. Learn how to utilize the circuit simulation and design tools

3. Work with engineers and research faculty develop the course of the research project (e.g. modeling focus or design focus)

4. Implement the proposed model or circuit design

5. Document and present the research

Number of Open Slots: 1
Contact Information:
Name: Jeff Kauppila
Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering