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Internship in Software Engineering for Medical Image Analysis

Primary Investigators:
Dr. Bennett Landman 

Brief Description of Project:
The overall objective of this project is to eliminate technical and societal translation impediments of rapid development, assessment, and deployment of AI models in medical imaging. The aims of this project are: 1) develop a collaborative model-centric AI platform with a novel technical backbone that reduces silos and barriers to translation by streamlining validation of AI models in medical imaging, and 2) build a community-driven ecosystem to establish AI trust and bridge the gap between AI developers, industry and healthcare providers. To address these fundamental challenges, convergent infrastructure is needed to streamline validation at each stage and allow for rapid development, assessment, and dissemination of model-centric AI tools. We invite motivating students with strong programming and systems engineering skills to help build the infrastructure for future large scale analysis systems.

Desired Qualifications:
Linux experience 
Interest in cluster/cloud computing 
Python programming

Nature of Supervision:
Weekly meetings. Collaboration with graduate students.

A Brief Research Plan (period is for 10 weeks):
2 weeks - project overview and plan development
6 weeks - project implementation
1 week - statistical evaluation
1 week - project write-up

Positions Available: 2

Contact Information:
Name: Bennett Landman
Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering