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Nanoscal silicon photonics for datacom or biosensing

Primary Investigator/s:
Sharon Weiss

Brief Description of Project:

This project will be tailored to best meet the interests of the student and Professor Weiss' research group. Silicon is the primary material that underlies modern electronics but the photonic capabilities of silicon for applications in datacom, telecom, and medicine have not been fully explored. Two possible opportunities exist for this project:

(1) Silicon photonic modulators. This research is motivated by the desire to increase data transfer speeds using less power by employing light to carry information alongside electrons. The goal of this research is to examine through simulation and measurement advanced silicon photonic components with tailored light-matter interaction that have the potential to control the flow of light for future datacom and communications applications.

(2) Silicon-based biosensors. This research is motivated by the need to detect small amounts of material for medical diagnostics, food safety, and homeland security. In this project, nanoscale silicon-based optical structures - with potential integration into smartphones - will be investigated as elements in sensor arrays for the detection of biomolecules in complex media. Machine learning algorithms may be explored to guide the biosensor design and analyze experimental sensing data.

Desired Qualifications:
Highly motivated students interested in an interdisciplinary research experience

Nature of Supervision:
Work with Professor Weiss and her research group

A Brief Research Plan (period is for 10 weeks):
Lab safety training and learning necessary background for project
Training on experimental and computational methods necessary for the project
Fabrication, measurements, and analysis
Written summary of results and poster preparation

Number of Slots: 1

Contact Information
Sharon Weiss
Electrical and Computer Engineering