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Radiation Effects and Reliability study on GaN HEMTs

Primary Investigators:
Ron Schrimpf
Dan Fleetwood
Enxia Zhang
Brief Description of Project:
This work explores DD and TID radiation effects combination of electrical stress induced reliability and failures in state of art GaN HEMTs. The project requires skills and experiments with characterizing equipment and data analysis to study defects generation in these devices during application

Desired Qualifications:
VU students in ECE department with skills of semiconductor parameter analyzers and power sources, spectrum analyzers, as well as basic data plotting and programing skills.
basic EE skills and easy communication.
Nature of Supervision:
The hired undergraduate student will be trained with hands on skills of semiconductor device characterizing, data analysis, low frequency noise with circuit setup skills.

Enxia Zhang and graduate students in RER group will work closely with the undergraduate student till he/she can work independently on the study, which will benefit both the school, student and our program.
A Brief Research Plan (period is for 10 weeks):
Week 1, training characterizations of semiconductor devices, including B1505A, LFN setup
Week2~3, temperature dependence reliability measurements to study basic reliability on the new GaN HEMTs from our collaborators (Qorvo, Cree, ect.)
Week4~5 data analysis and prepare for TID, and irradiate the devices with different electrical conditions to meet the application requirement
Week 6-7: TID analysis and LFN measurement to study defects generated during the combination of electrical stress and irradiation that possibly affect the reliability issues for GaN HEMTs application in harsh environment.
week 8-9: proton irradiation and data analysis along with LFN and temperature dependence study.
Week 10: wrap up with report and a potential Journal paper if possible.
Number of Open Slots: 1
Contact Information:
Name: Enxia Zhang
Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering